Mother (In law)'s Day 2020

So my wife was slacking this year trying to figure out something for her Mom for Mother’s Day. Leave it to me to come to the rescue.

First is just a simple cork trivet from Ikea. I purchased a ton of these a good while back on our last trip to Ikea and they engrave super well. I had actually made all the letters of the alphabet a little while back, so, this was an easy one.

My Mother-in-law collects button hooks. She has a ton of them, so this idea came to me. FInd an old image of a button hook and engrave it on some canvas boards from the dollar store and frame it! I’ve done this a couple times now for different things, and honestly, I really like the way they turn out. Was actually able to find an old patent image from the 1800s. Could have been a bit darker, but, not too bad.

I think she will be happy with these gifts, and the wife was happy I saved her!


Happy wife, happy mother-in-law, happy life. Well done.


Exactly lol, and thanks!

Ahh a mother’s day gift that is actually catered to the person as if they’re a person and not just a mother. Massive bonus points because it isn’t absolutely buried in awful semiscript fonts. This gets a like, and it would get two or three if I could.


Thank you!

That’s really neat - I had no idea you could engrave on canvas!

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These are labeled as “canvas” but they are stiff boards really with some texture lol. There’s honestly not much you Can’t engrave on though if you play with different settings :slight_smile:


I love patents for decor! Well done!

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I wish I had a larger piece of stretched burlap, I would make some pictures for me!

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We are problem solvers with the GF. “You need a _______________?” give me a few minutes!!! LOL I love the patent image!


Lol, pretty much. I need to actually start making some practical cuts now lol

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Those are my favorites!

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Absolutely love both of these. Nice work. I’m waiting on my GF to arrive so I can do things like this!

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Thanks! You’ll love it and get super addicted to making things :slight_smile:

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