Mother's Day 2020

Taking advantage of my lunch break while working from home today! Was able to get both of these Mother’s Day projects knocked out.

The first is for my Mother. She saw me engrave this on something else a while back and mentioned she’d like it. Well, I just so happened to have a couple of these “cutting boards” lying around, so, 1 hour later…

Next up is for my Stepmother. She and my Dad recently did some remodeling / redecorating. The living room now has a big wall of all the grandkids’ pictures. Something was missing though. So I took some old lumber that I was able to get from our old barn growing up and made a little sign to hang with the pictures.

And since I’m a hoarder of all the tiny little pieces that are left over from other cuts, I raised the letters up a bit to give more depth (please don’t pay attention to my messy table or the battery to my eBike lol)

Overall, I am very happy with the results of both of these projects. Super easy. Look great. Mom(s) will be happy :slight_smile:


I really like the elevated letters; nice job!


Thank ya!

Those look very nice!
Yikes, I better start thinking about Mother’s Day…


Thanks! Yeah, coming up soon lol

I really like the family sign.


I also like the elevated letters. Packrats FTW!

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I have so many little bits in a container! They work perfect for stuff like this

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Really nice!

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Thank you!


FYI I’m totally looking at your keys and tweezers! :wink:


That is really cool! I like the cutting board idea, though my mom has a ton of cutting boards. I was considering making her a rolling pin holder, because she requested it a while ago.

Also since you brought attention to all the stuff around it, we need to figure out which lock key 11452 opens, vinz clortho keymaster of gozer.

We should make a Mother’s Day link repository of instant last minute gifts from the free laser designs category. :slight_smile:


my mother called me yesterday to ask if the box from Sam’s Club that I had shipped to her was her mother’s day present. She opened the box and there was one mega package of Charmin toilet paper (equivalent of 108 regular rolls --24 mega rolls because that is the way Sam’s carries things)…stepdad walked up to see what it was and she said “it’s my mother’s day present…if you want some, call your girls and ask for it for Father’s Day” LOL at least I know my mom will not be out hunting for toilet paper for awhile. :slight_smile:

Things I never thought I would give my mother for Mother’s Day and it would make her happy. #toiletpaper


Hahaha! Same here! Mom’s TP will be delivered this weekend.

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This was from Hobby Lobby, so it was always just going to be decorative anyway lol. I that key opens my shop actually lol, the larger key is for my bike battery :slight_smile:

Also, are you the gate keeper?

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I agree those raised letters really make the sign pop!

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That is Awesome!!! I already stocked them up before the disaster hit. So I need to go fish with ideas. :slight_smile:

Haha !