Mother's Day pic engraving gift


Not too bad, but I definitely need some more editing skills…


Look’s pretty awesome to me! (And I’ll bet she loved it!) :relaxed::+1:


Looks great to me too! The writing is a big plus!
I still cling to preschool art my kids did (the youngest just got her master’s) because of the stick figure family portraits and handwriting.


Immortalized in wood. Looks great!


That’s pretty nice as is. But, more importantly, you now have access to a laser so you can continue to refine your skills.


I am sure the smile on Mom’s face said otherwise! Nice job!


Wouldn’t change a thing.


This is wonderful! The child’s writing makes it all the more special :tulip:


Ditto! Mine is applying to grad school, and I’ve still got her kindergarten art framed on the wall :slight_smile: