Mother's Day reminder


There’s still time! For all of you that have forgotten. A friendly reminder from Glowforge’s hometown graffiti artists.


Sadly I wish I could. I lost both my parents too early in my life, but they are with me every day.


Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there (even if to only 4 legged “children”) (o:. I lost my Mother 2 years ago but I believe she is with me every day.


That’s the thing about a Mother’s love, it lingers around you for the rest of your life.
It has no end. :tulip::cherry_blossom::rose:


I just sent my mom a pic of what just came off of my CNC.


My mom will be 91 Tuesday. She wants an iPad so she can get in on all the family social media. Other siblings think it would be more frustrating than rewarding. I’m getting her the iPad. She’ll be fine. She has no computer or smart phone experience. You are never to old to learn.


I got my mom an iPad at 70, similar situation. She figured it out right away :slight_smile:. Your mom is getting an iPad!! Awesome!!


I think it’s wonderful! My mom was enraptured when I first showed her my old iPad when she was in her 90’s. Because she was in onset dementia, she would have had difficulty using one herself, but she was simply amazed at what could be done and I know for certain, had she been able to have one a few years earlier, that she would have loved every minute with it. She passed a year and a half ago at 103 and I must constantly remind myself of all that changed in this world while she was here…of all the advances that she DID see. I have a tendency to wish that my folks could see what incredible things we have now…but they too had their share.

And wishing your lovely mother a lovely birthday. :birthday:


Sorry to hear that. My fiance just lost her mother last month, so I know it can be really hard.


My mom (83 yrs) loves her iPad–she likes to watch DIY YouTube videos, since TV doesn’t show much of that anymore. I was a little apprehensive when she wanted to replace her old flip phone with an iPhone, I thought it might be too much for her. I was wrong. She’s having a ball texting, using online coupons, and keeping her shopping list in Notes. She even uses the little microphone to speak her list items because she has trouble typing on the tiny keyboard. The funny thing is that before my dad passed away she never showed much interest in tech, she left it all to him.