Motorcycle seat cover part 1

So I live in AZ where its always sunny and you wish it wasn’t. I also ride a motorcycle daily and there aren’t many covered parking spaces so the seat eventually dried out and cracked and broke apart.

I decided to make a new seat cover from real leather instead of the cheap vinyl cover that was the original factory model. Here are some photos of the finished project. I didn’t take many of the actual making of.

Also want to mention this is my first leather project ever. This is the finished back rest after I did everything. Very happy with how it turned out. There are a few things I would do differently on my next leather project though.


This will be mentioned more in part 2 when it is finished and will have more photos. This is a template for the main seat.

and then a template for the side of said seat.

Here is some of what i would do differently. The holes you see punched were really small compared to the needle being used. I would definitely make these bigger so that I don’t have the problem of breaking needles again. As for thread I think it turned out nicely. That or I would get a leather sewing machine to save time all around.


Wow, nice! :grinning:


Cool! Nice project.


With the way I’m feeling lately I need a “Sons of Alzheimer’s” seat :slightly_smiling_face:


Sons of Avalanche…touche. Beautiful project!


Very Nice! Great use of the forge.


Congrats on completing such a relatively big job for your first time w/ leather!


Love it. Very well done.


Im just glad i realised i needed to invert the file i found for this art before engraving

Oh gosh, hard to believe it’s your first leather project. It looks fantastic!


I give credit on that to the GF. If i had to use traditional leather tools it would not be so pretty

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Also to make getting the cushion into the case easier I would put a zipper in the bottom instead of overlapping leather straps.

Amazing first leather project! You will really enjoy seeing it every day … because it turned out awesome!

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