Mountain Earrings


I made two sets of earrings, based on two famous Swiss mountains - Pilatus and Mythen:

If you want to make them yourself - I sell the design in my Etsy store.
I hope it’s ok if I post the link here:
(if not, then admin please just remove the link, not the entire post)



Sure, people post links to their shops all the time. Most folks put the link in their forum profile so people can always find you.

Great job on the earrings—they are dead ringers for the original mountains.

Nice! Mt Pilatus’ is a great place to visit! All of Switzerland is! Do you live there?


Great work thanks for sharing your work.

I live in Switzerland and I agree - it’s worth a visit.
Check out my Tiktok for alpine paragliding footage:

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Nice! We used to live in Basel! And We ski in Wengen every year - maybe not in 2021 unfortunately - It is such a great place. We loved it there!

That’s where my great grandparents came from…my maiden name was Wenger. I’ve visited there, too…it’s amazing.

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Wow! A Wenger! Your a Swiss Original! I am sure the folks there would certainly know that name! Wengen is a lovely place! One of my favorites! Wengen - Allmend - Wengernalp ! Fantastic!