Mouse pad

So I was at Goodwill looking for a lamp, and there was this stack of mouse pads for $1.99…the rubbery kind with the polyester-type layer on top, all white and blank and calling, “laser me!”

Does anybody even USE mouse pads any more?

Anyway, I had this cute photo I had snapped a couple of weeks ago, when our 8yo granddaughter had just snatched my husband’s baseball cap to put on her own head, replaced it with a toy top hat on his, and then struck a pose. The kid’s a natural actor. Hubs looked kind of grim, because he’d just had spine surgery and was in a lot of pain. It kind of reminds me of American Gothic, if American Gothic had included an adorable karate uniform-clad kid wearing a sideways baseball cap.

And I’d been wanting to play with the Rasterbator. So you can guess what happened next. (Also the sage is in bloom, and it’s pretty, so I decided to abandon the usual Glowforgey backdrop.)


I redid it a couple of times getting the settings right, and it kind of ate into the rubber a little in the dark areas, so I might die. But hopefully I can get a few more projects done first.


Awww…sweet idea! :grinning:

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Don’t do that, it’s not that big a deal!

Nice results!

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I’ll try. :slight_smile:

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Great result! I don’t know if people use mouse pads these days, but I’m sure you could do other things with it. How about sewing (or gluing) it onto your grand daughter’s school back pack? Or the back of a denim jacket? Or make a frame to go around it and hang it on the wall. It’s great!

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