Moved and now my camera accuracy is way off

A channel to cradle the rails is a good idea. I was brainstorming a rotating disc with a slight ramp in thickness to “cam” as it was rotated.
It doesn’t take much difference in the support surfaces to change the geometry of the case. I was careful to build that pull-out shelf my machine sits on, and there was a slight rub on the lid edge, and the lid didn’t close completely. When I moved it to my steel welding table to clean the exhaust grill the rub was much worse. I moved it back to the shelf and it’s position was maybe an inch further to one side - the rub was gone and the lid shut completely.


I had mine on what I thought was a nice solid ikea table, just a little rub, decent registration. Then I built a travel table for it and moved onto that, no rub at all. Go figure.


Well, you could always go get the ones they’re throwing away to keep prices artificially high.

Mine’s been on the same table the entire time, but sometimes the alignment gets better and sometimes worse. lately it’s been drastically worse, by about a quarter inch. last job I did I had to waste a lot of material staying away from edges so it didn’t just cut off the edge. I’m hoping it will get fixed, but planning for if it doesn’t.
And yes I know about the parallax, it gets worse the farther away from the center of the camera. I’m talking about a test in the center being off. it’s weird.

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