Movie Poster Engrave

While I am prepping for tomorrow, I thought I would run my first engrave. Estimated time 1hr 38min. I could fry 3 turkeys in that time!

I tried map to grays, not exactly what I expected.


In photo work, mapping to dots is frequently better. Masked/unmasked can make big differences on wood, too.

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I am attempting to fix. I did not move it and will engrave over it. It is a piece of unmasked wood I got from inventables.

You would never be able to guess what it is from the first engrave!

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What a difference! Same art same wood! Last chance to guess.


Nope! Wouldn’t have guessed! (Turned out great!) :smile:


BOTH movies… are on my 're-watch list for quiet nights!

Great job.

Also, what do you think, was Childs infected at the end?

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Oh, very nice indeed!

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It is a much better ending if one of the is.

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Very nice! Big fan of the movie.

A while back I used my vinyl cutter to make a shirt. I don’t have a final image but this draft is pretty close to what I did. I mainly changed the shirt color from black to dark heather grey, turned out that worked better. I can share the SVG for the helicopter if anyone likes. When I get my GF, I am planning on making Xmas ornaments like this… A separate helicopter and dog. :slight_smile:

(Edited: whoa weird giant link came along with the original image, reposted it.)


Looks like you had some successful experimentation. Love the final result!

The photo is lighter than in real life. But it is so delicate I am afraid to scrub it. I going to cover with shellac or polyurethane to make it more durable.

Here are some larger photos.