Moving a Glowforge cross country

I havent seen anything yet on this, so I hope Im not repeating.
It looks like I may be moving cross country with quite a bit of stuff.
My Xcarve Ill just secure and crate so the switches dont get broken in transit.
The Glowforge makes me a bit more nervous.
I still have the box, obviously. But beyond the box, does anyone have any suggestions? Crate it as well? Ship it? Personal truck vs moving truck? etc.
Any advice is certainly welcome!

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Not sure I would ship the GF only in the original box. The warranty wouldn’t be in place for a re-shipment. How does the shipper’s insurance stack up? For that matter, if you ship it via UPS or FedEx how does their insurance work?

I have no clue yet.
If I were to crate it, I would put it all back into the original box with all the tabs, and then make a crate around that. Probably a bit excessive, Im just super paranoid about hurting this unit.


You haven’t mentioned these, so just for the checklist: remove head and pack separately, secure gantry with the bolts it came with, put the little silicone bits back in.


Too many GF’s have been damaged in shipment! I would put it in the backseat or trunk of your vehicle after repacking it in the original box.

Ship everything else because I suspect “everything else” is less fragile and not as valuable as your GlowForge!!!

And “everything else” is much easier to replace-and you won’t have to wait for two more years if your GF is damaged in shipment! :slight_smile:


oh absolutely. I will be putting everything back in the shipping box the same way I took it out.
Too expensive not to. lol

Movers tend to treat fragile stuff with care, especially if you leave clear instructions and say pack last and keep on top. I would at the least make another box to go around the existing Glowforge box that is well taped on all corners. That being said. I would figure out a way to put it in my trunk or back seat if possible, especially since we have all invested so much time waiting for this machine.