Moving BEAMER upstairs

Hey gang.

is it safe to haul Beamer upstairs on a hand truck? he will be tilted for this short excursion.

I ask because my usual helper is unavailable and I want to get BEAMER back online. Daughter prime has a gift to make for her best friend.

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If you boxed him back up first and applied all the orange bits first it would probably be okay, and less abuse than they have probably already received.

Both of mine were hand-trucked in.


To put a finer point on what @Jules has already said, if nothing else, ensure the gantry can’t roll around… lock it back in with the orange bits. Also consider removing the head prior to moving just in case it gets a hard bump and the head jumps off.

Tilting probably won’t make a difference… up-ending it sure could, though. You may want to let the coolant settle for a little while before powering up.


the orange bits are back in place and the HEAD is removed, and BEAMER is in his box!

I will let the coolant settle for a long while to be sure


Yeah, these machines have experienced every possible position in transit, we have seen a dozen pictures of them standing on their ear. Obviously, it’s a closed cooling system, or there would have been many more wet ones. It is self-purging, so my guess is the air collects in the sump. You will likely get a few bubbles in the tube that will be collected when the system is turned on.

This^ You can bet you handled it with much greater care than the delivery gorillas.

Yes that is probably completely true.

I am very careful with it. :slight_smile:

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Mine was upside down (unless that “this end up arrow” was meant to point to China). It was fine. I did take a look at the coolant tank to see how it was held in place because I was impressed it didn’t leak. It uses a locking ratcheting (I think) cap like on the new gas cans.


Hehehe, it didn’t occur to me that regardless of orientation, somewhere on earth, it is pointing up.
Yeah, on my first inspection of the PRU I expected to find a vent hole in that cap. No.

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