Moving elements

Is there a way of moving off of one layer and saving it into another one OR even its own?
For example, the element is coming up on an engrave layer with other engrave elements and I want it to be a scored object.

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The Glowforge interface does not recognize layers. That being said, you can often ungroup a design so that different parts of it can be treated separately. In the example you site, in order to score an object, it must be comprised of vector paths. Since it is showing up as an engrave, it might be a raster/jpeg.

You can ungroup elements (depending on how the file was created) and copy and paste these elements as desired.

Perhaps you can share a screenshot of the your project along with your question.

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It is a svg file. I can ungroup the paths then cut out the path I don’t want cut like the others on the layer it came in on. But when I try to paste it onto the score layer it keeps going onto the original cut layer. I can’t even paste it onto its own layer.

Copy the part and right click to get the paste as a new step option.
At this time there is no way to combine already existing steps.

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you might want to look at the GF color palette files. you can change the colors around and then it will allow you to select operation by color. as every color will be a separate operation. you can even have say more than one layer that does the same thing. for example. have small black circles that need to be cut early in the process. then have another color as the outline of what you’re working one to be cut last so things don’t move/blow around inside while it is running.

geez I hope that makes sense.


Thanks I will give that a try !

the custom palette is like your best friend when you get more complicated designs. you can change colors to spread out engraving for example so you don’t get too much heat in one spot. you can alter cut times so you don’t cut a piece out and then try to engrave on the cutout and have it move.


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