Moving from NYC to LA - many supplies available

Hey all,

I have a ton of laser supplies that I just couldn’t fit on the truck headed to Los Angeles. Do any laser folks in NYC area need any acrylics or woods or other materials? I would rather give it away for free than throw it away next week. Should you want to make any donation towards the gas fund for our drive across the country that would be great but not required. Supplies are in North Manhattan. Please message here and I’ll try to remember to come back here to see if there are any takers. Wade


Nice and generous offer, to be sure. You may wish to delete your phone number from this public forum. Anyone interested in contacting you can send you a PM instead. Good luck on a huge move!


Welcome (soon) to the west coast!


I left the West coast 10 years ago so headed back.

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Nice! Well, then, welcome home!


Thinking the green sensing cone cells in your eyes will atrophy with a return to the west. Maybe you can take water with you.

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Have you considered offering the materials to places like Hack Manhattan or Fat Cat Fab Lab? They’d probably make good use of it.


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