Moving Glowforge to new house without orange bits

Hi - Does anyone have experience moving the glowforge without the orange bits. I need to move it to a new house, but I threw out the orange bits after I first installed it, and they are sold out on the glowforge website. Any advice on how to protect is is appreciated.

Also, if anyone is willing to sell (or rent) my orange bits, I’d pay a premium. Thanks.

Welcome to the community. I have all my old packing stuff, but I know many do not and have successfully moved their machines without them. I suggest removing the head and carefully packing it separately. Also, remove the crumb tray. You just need to pack stuff inside to keep the gantry from moving around and to protect the glass tube. It can be pillows, towels…tape…whatever you have. Other than that, it can travel safely in a back seat or a trunk. I’m sure others with first-hand experience will chime in, as well. Best of luck.


You can buy them on Etsy:

This is the big thing. The orange bits include two bolts that go through the gantry and into the sidewall to hold it into place - you might be able to find bolts that fit. Also, as well as the head, remove the carriage plate. Another bit of the orange bits sit under the wheels and keep them from moving, but if you take it off there’s nothing to protect there!

Also, if you didn’t keep any of the styrofoam (the stuff your internals were packed in originally), you’ll want to fill the space with something like it. More styrofoam will work, or closed cell foam, or even those big packing air pillows - it’s an extra layer of “don’t move!” for the interior bits.


Very helpful. Thanks


I appreciate it!


This is PERFECT. Thanks


I just used a couple of spring clamps on the side rails tucked up against the gantry so it wouldn’t move.


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