Moving Grid thing/Thanksgiving Plans



I came across this interesting project. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Way cool, would love to put it up in the yard before my husband got home; a finished project has a much lower chance of resulting in divorce…


Haha!! :smile:


They have a video at the bottom of the page…

I really like this as a project. Great find @JeremyNielsen

:bulb: What I would like to do is to make a Kite out of this type of setup.


I’ll check it out later, my internet is running like a snail over teflon now :stuck_out_tongue:


@JeremyNielsen, This sort of resembles a hedgehog…no wonder you like it…lmao
I’m sure @Jules will too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, a glider idea is forming…


Definitely squeee worthy!

(Why are you guys not off stuffing birds?..I have to keep washing my hands before touching the keyboard. ROFL!)


Canadian here. I have to suffer and eat peanut butter and jelly while you guys feast. :stuck_out_tongue:


My family is too far away, but two of my friend’s families have invited me to their gatherings today. I am very thankful!


They don’t sell turkeys in Canada?


Only faux-turkey (polarbear meat) jkjk. We do, but our thanksgiving is earlier in the year.


Oh - sympathies! :confused: (You could have a chicken sandwich instead of the PB&J.)

Bad thing about Thanksgiving though…it generally falls on us gals to do the shopping, planning , prep, cooking, baking and clean-up.

While you fellas plop down with a beer in front of the football games and shout a lot at unexpected moments.

I’m actually not that wild about the holiday. Chuckle! :wink:


Looks a bit reptilian at times. Also, love the music.

@Jules my hunks of wheat gluten are boiling away in turkey-esqe type flavors.


I’m aware, Thunderbay was one of the few TV stations we got growing up. Never missed Hockey Night in Canada. Never had polar bear meat but did try some puffin and whale while in Iceland last year.
EDIT: Oh! and the Beach combers


Parents in law are working today for early Black Friday…daughter is out of town…just 4 of us…were going to a chinese buffet…lmao
Fa ra ra ra ra…ra ra ra ra


Sometimes it seems the elections are held near Thanksgiving just to get us in the mood. With all those turkeys running around it’s hard to not be thankful the election is over.


Oh, good idea. I may just do that. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m actually half American (dual citizen) so i really should celebrate both.


It’s a family affair in our family the men do just as much cooking.

Today I’m at work(if you can call it that) as the hospital. Barring anybody coding on me it should be a quiet day.


Chuckle…I can do anything but turkey flavored imitations. (Turkey bacon, tofurkey…just can’t get the flavor right.)

(Actually this year I decided on a roast instead of turkey anyway…we’ll get stuffed with turkey in another month at the family gathering.)

It’s been browned and seasoned and is braising gently for the next 8 hours.