Moving off the page

There are times when I highlight an object to move it off the glowforge bed, it just flies off to the side and won’t let me move it back. Why is this happening? I hae to highlight it and use my arrow keys to move it. Help!

If it is just a little off the cutting area none of it will cut. I have never seen it fly off like that but if it is selected and you have the recession placement widget up you can type in the numbers you want like 25 in the x and 10 in the y column

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I think you’ll have to give a little information about what kind of device you’re doing your work on. Computer, tablet, phone? Mac, Windows, Linux, Amiga? Chrome? Firefox? NCSA Mosaic?

Have you tried other browsers/devices? Does the same thing happen there? Could you take a screenshot or short video of the problem happening?

Those kinds of things will help the helpful forum denizens to make some wild but semi-educated guesses to narrow in on the solution.

When it runs off…have you tried Undo to bring it back to try again with?
Cntrl(Cmd)+Z or the left facing arrow at the top.

This was posted here several weeks back but the OP never reported back.

Since the last few updates, this has stopped happening to me. Not sure which update…but it amazingly stopped two or three weeks after I posted

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I have seen on several occasions when they do not admit there was a problem, but the problem just stops.
Ps That was Precision placement in my first post above. even when zoomed off to miles away you can use CTRL-A to select everything and that will allow you to type in reasonable numbers to bring it back.

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