Moving to Italy in a few years

I’ve had my Glowforge since the beginning and honestly I love it so when I move to Italy in a few years I am wondering how difficult it might be to take it with me. I am mostly thinking about power supply issues since I know the networking side well enough.

I think you’ll need a different power supply cable and an outlet adapter? I’m not sure the power in Italy, but I know there are users in Australia and the UK, along with other parts of Europe. I believe you just need to get a power cable suited for the high voltage (I wouldn’t know, my brother is the one who told me, since he’s at a place with 240V).

I’m using my GF in Japan, which operates at 100V. I have no problem using it, but I needed a 3-prong adapter because they don’t have the same outlets here for the grounding-prong.


Looks like once you have a way to plug it in you’ll be good.

I only checked the pro page but i imagine they are all about the same.


Wi-Fi required (2.4 GHz b/g/n and WPA2, WPA, WEP, or open)
Ventilation with either the Glowforge Compact Filter, or an open-able window within 8 feet
110/220 VAC, 50 or 60 HZ outlet
Glowforge Plus and Pro have 800W peak power consumption
Compact Filter has an additional 350W peak power consumption


Edit: after looking more looks like there are two different plug types in Itally. So you can either stock up on both or see what you have when you get there and buy them.

Remaining original post:
I’ve used the uk version of these for other things and really like them

Or you could get something like this