Moving to venting outside - issues

Hello - I have an air filter unit but have attempted to move to window venting. I ordered all of the parts from Amazon, but the machine continues to overheat and give a yellow button saying the unit is too hot to continue printing. Is there a part I am missing to help keep the printer cooled? The venting is above the machine level, which is not ideal, but it’s where the window is located. Thanks.

Generally that’s because your room is too hot. What’s the temp in your Glowforge room?

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When you use an external filter, you disable the internal fan. If you didn’t reenable that, the printer will definitely overheat. It still vents a little, because there’s a fan on the right side that blows on a heat exchanger/cooler and that’s drawing air in to the printer even when the exhaust fan is off.


If you are seeing excess smoke inside the machine, check the exhaust fan grill in the back to ensure it isn’t blocked with ash and bits of mask. That can also cause the machine to overheat. If the smoke is clearing as it should, that isn’t your problem.

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Basement - typically 10 degrees lower than the rest of the house, so I’m guessing 59?

Ah! So, how do I re-engage the internal fan - I can’t locate where it is. Thank you.

we still have snow on the ground. Very cool temps - probably in the 50"s down here in the basement.

I don’t remember. But it’s not hard to find. Not like the GFUI has that many buttons you can push. :slight_smile:

There is a minimum temperature for the GF, as well as max. 50 is too cold, I think, and the machine won’t run. Mine is in my basement, too. But I have a mini-split installed so I can heat and cool it. I have other stuff like SLA 3D printers that don’t like it to be too cold (though they don’t care if it gets hot down there, I do, and the GF does).

Also, I got 6" of snow overnight, and it was in the 70s last Friday. Crazy.

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I would also check to make sure your air assist fan is clean. If mine is dirty, it causes temperature issues on the machine too…usually in the form of hot materials and hot printer head.

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If you’re no longer using the air filter, you should turn that switch off :point_up:


What is the CFM of your blower? The CFM needed is quite a lot compared to commonly available equipment.

From the Tech Specs page:

  • Recommended Operating Temperature: 60F-75F (16C-24C) Basic and Plus; 60F-81F (16C-27C) Pro

One thing to keep in mind, the temp your GF cares about is that of the liquid coolant in the unit (and perhaps the head, although I’ve never seen any info from GF staff that mentions it – I could well be wrong on this point). The room temp and outside air temp are not directly relevant, other than to the extent they affect the coolant temp, which is most affected by the duty cycle and ventilation of the GF. If your GF cold-soaks to below 60F (-ish), You are going to get temp warnings until the coolant is back in range.

Best of luck.

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