Mr Beam II review in "c't Make" (German magazine)

The German magazine “c’t Make” have reviewed “Mr Beam II” - the review itself isn’t too surprising, they find it a brilliant engraver, not so much of a cutter. What struck me though is their addendum:

At the beginning of our test, some points of criticism arose, which we presented to the manufacturer and asked for comments. He reacted very quickly and developed an update. In this update we found among others

  • the safety instructions have been translated into German and revised,

  • the creation of cookies by the manufacturer’s website has been removed and it is assured that no personal data will be stored,

  • the extension of the barren material list by the user was made possible.

That is how you respond to customer requests! OK, we do get updates now and then, but I’m occasionally worried that the developers might be distracted by a glacier suddenly zooming past their office.

Add to that the support of DXF and GCODE as well as SVG and the usual bitmap suspects, and the local network connection with the web server running on the machine itself, larger useable bed size and actually shipping air filter… if that thing had a 40W CO2 laser tube, I’d have a hard time not to switch.

Speaking of the hopper… is anybody actually keeping track of what’s in there?

…oh, and I fell I need to stress that I have absolutely no affiliation with Mr Beam.

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Would not take as much air filter either but looking at their list of materialI learned something important

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