Mr & Mrs


Been ideating on some pieces for some wedding photographer friends to give to clients and this is one we really like. Thinking about making a smaller and a larger version. This one is about 10.5” tall.


Very nice!


Great idea for a wedding photographer to use in some shots of the new couple. :sunglasses::+1:


I especially like the perpendicular grain orientations. Very nice!


(I would like to tell you that I did that on purpose, but…)


Just made a smaller version. This one is 5.5”x7”. Business card in pic for size reference. I think I like this one even more.


What @Jules said…
Great prop and if they manage to get it into one of the pictures, they also get to keep the prop…
Will keep on giving.


Verrrrrry nice!


Nice, torn between both designs.


I hear ya. I like them both, but the smaller one is half the size of the other so I think I like it better for giving away to clients. It’ll fit in more places and be a bit more versatile (and cheaper to make).


Very nice! I agree with redshift, the offset grain pronounces the raised border even more. :sunglasses:
The acrylic sandwich base is a fine touch!


Love it!


I like the idea of the smaller version. If your bigger one is to be used for a main center piece I say go for it.


Looks awesome! Your projects are always inspiring! Just don’t forget that opposite gender couples are not the only people marrying. :two_hearts::heart_eyes::wink:


Thank you!

Right now these are being made for a client who is buying them in bulk, so I’ll be making them however they order them - but thanks for the reminder. :sunglasses:


Real nice pieces great job. i’m In the personalized wedding invitations business and love to see when others make great decor for weddings