Multi-browser weirdness with Autosave of deleted elements

I really like the Autosave feature, but it still needs some work.

I uploaded a design with three differently-colored paths. Not realizing that deletion was sticky, I deleted two of the paths to fit a piece of scrap material. I couldn’t find any way (short of re-uploading the file) to recover my original design. The ellipsis menu didn’t offer a “Reset Design” choice, nor did the drop down menu in the thumbnail view.

I also didn’t see the Snap and Store box in the thumbnail view, even after cmd-shift-R reloading.

I opened a Private Window in the same browser (Vivaldi on my Hackintosh); the deletions were still present there.

So I opened a different browser (Safari) and logged in.

Clicking on my design there showed me my original design without the deletions. Still no “Reset Design” choice anywhere though (why not add this to the thumbnail menu?).

“OK, so edits are being stored locally” I thought.

Here’s what’s strange, though: going back to my original browser and opening the same design now showed me the original design without the deletions.

And the Snap and Store Box suddenly appeared in that browser’s thumbnail view.

I’m sure that @jonathan could explain what’s going on, but I can’t figure it out.

Unfortunately, trying to repeat this sequence after exiting both browsers didn’t exhibit the same behavior. The deletions stayed deleted in both browsers.

I also tried deleting all the paths in my design, thinking that it might be a way to get the original back, but that didn’t help.

I think there should be a way somewhere to restore the originally uploaded design just as there is in catalog designs. It would expect this to be available from the thumbnail dropdown menu, at least.

[edit]: went back to the original browser after having deleted all the paths, and all three are back!

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Bullet points for brevity, no disrespect intended…

  • Multiple browser sessions are problematic, even with a single browser species.
  • Non-standard browsers like Vivaldi are unlikely to be directly supported.
  • Chrome is their best-supported browser (Chromium works great, too.)
  • The ellipsis only appears on catalog designs.
  • When the app gets out-of-sync, close all browser sessions, manually clear your caches, shutdown/close all browsers, and start one new session.

You might find this post helpful: Best practices for exiting designs in the GFUI

Ok, gotta run to a meeting. Best of luck!


Thanks for the assistance and link.

I hadn’t known about the “reset” only working on catalog designs. Their recent announcement of the ability to copy a design should help my workflow some; I’ll give it a try.

I know that Chrome gets the most use at Glowforge, having worked there for a year and a half. While there, I observed the UI folks using private windows in order to ensure that they weren’t having problems with cookies or caching.

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Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Like @dwardio said, currently only Catalog designs have “Reset Design” buttons. Thanks for the feedback on this - I’ve shared your suggestion for “Reset Design” buttons for all designs with the team.

Regarding the Snap and Store Box, I took a look at your account and it looks like the design was just sent to you yesterday morning.

I’d like to take a look at what happened to your personal design, but I need a bit more information. Would you mind sharing the link to your design in which you saw the issues by emailing it privately to

Thank you!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email (It’s always good to hear from you!)