Multi-Layer Mah Jong Tile

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go!

Now to make 143 more pieces…


That was a lot of work. Are you going to glue them all individually? Or maybe glue the layers first and THEN cut the pieces?


When did they start putting the model name on the camera bar?
My Pro is just “Glowforge.”


They redesigned the cover lid, I think when they introduced the Plus model. And by redesign I mean cosmetic, not functional.


IF I were to finish the job (which I don’t think I will :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), I’d cut all the pieces first and then individually glue all the pieces together. Not sure if it’s a good idea to cut 5 layers of different materials all stacked together since the laser focus would be different throughout the 15mm of material. It might work, but i’m just thinking of all the things that could “go wrong” during the cut :no_mouth:

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I’ve only experimented with stacking acrylic before cutting. It was kind of a failure, but more because I didn’t give the adhesive enough time to solidify than because it wasn’t a viable option. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m thinking it might be possible, on at least two-layer stacks, with careful experimentation around settings. Maybe when I can walk again (four more weeks!) I’ll play with it…right now the back and forth to push the button / change things makes me more inclined to just go forum-hunting for other people’s settings. (Being disabled is HARD!)

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Aw, hope you get better soon! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll make. Love your work, especially the collars for Pixel and Axel! :cat::cat:

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i’m pretty sure the GF wouldn’t cut through 15mm of pretty much anything (if anything at all) without making a giant charred mess after multiple passes.


Agreed. I wouldn’t try 15mm with this small laser. If there’s a new GF megatron with 200W laser, I’d give it a go.

i have access to a 75w universal. i wouldn’t try your multilayer thing with it, but i’ve cut 1/2" basswood pretty cleanly and am waiting for some 1/2" BB ply to test (3/4" was a disaster).


“Cut anything, I can.”



Nice avoidance of inscribing the roman reference. How does the piece feel density-wise compared to a bakelite-style set?

As an aside, what rules family do you use? (Since that affects bonus pieces needed.) I originally learned Riichi while living in Japan, but later switched to Zung Jung. (My compact reference card below.)

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Density feels amazing, actually! I don’t have a real tile to compare with (yet).

Not sure what rules I play by… I’m a noob! I made this for a friend. :smile:

Here’s a video, which is my best effort in conveying its density across the web:

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I have mixed feelings about a light saber. Am I willing to accept a very wide kerf in return for a near vertical kerf, and an expanded range of materials and thicknesses?? :thinking:


and accuracy determined by your connection to and integration with the force? how are your midichlorian levels?

Could be better, but this second cup of coffee is helping. But I was going to wait until my warranty expired to connect my light saber to my glowforge (that’s why they made the laser head removable right?) Also, I need that rotary tool. What with all the new z-height I’m going to have.

My first Plus just had Glowforge on it, but when the replacement came in, it had the newer style lid.

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Do you happen to know the gram weight? My pro-grade phenolic Riichi tiles weigh in at 15.6g ea.

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