Multi-purpose robotic arm (uarm) on indiegogo

Anyone else seen this from indiegogo, a desktop robotic arm that 3d prints, has a laser, and more. Wish I had the extra money just to say, “why the heck not!” I could use a robotic arm on my desk. Maybe I could teach it to clean it for me :slight_smile:


Wow that’s really cool.

The unenclosed laser scares me a tad, less about my eyes, more for the lead up to a Terminator.

The price seems fairly reasonable.


Speaking of which, you’ve seen Handle, right?


Anything on IndieGoGo seems like a major risk, especially something like this.


I did! I honestly don’t know if to be scared or not. Though the state of world affairs these days wee just might not make it to the singularity anyways.

It makes that mule they made a few years back look like a high school science project.

For some reason these things bring up memories of the movie, the ani-matrix. Don’t know why

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I would be happy to see one of these things coming in through a burning building to bring me an oxygen supply, or rushing medical supplies to people stuck within some kind of chemically-saturated no-go zone.

I would be pretty scared if was weaponized and chasing me. Especially if it was chasing me based on some kind of algorithmic reason.

It’s late at night. You are wearing a hoodie that obscures your face. You are now a match for at least 50% of reported criminals.
You are running. You are now fleeing, and apprehension efforts will be intensified. Non-lethal clubs, gas, rubber pellets and sound weapons have now been authorized.
You are laying on the ground, crying, beaten, and choking on tear gas. You are now suffering.
Handler has scanned your face and decided that you do not have adequate health insurance for treatment in this area.
Handler ends your suffering.
(can you tell that I am pretty pessimistic about autonomous AI?)


I’m hoping that by they become self aware, that computing power would be so powerful , they could go from consciousness to non-coporial beings of energy and zoom off to the far reaches of space in a few seconds.

Till then your second scenario seems like a likely occurrence. Thought up here we would have the health care, but I would have to wait for hours in an Ear in aggony till I got help.

Also when has anything ever not been weaponized?

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Give five-year-old me a stick, and it would become a rifle my hands.


Sigh… Oh well, guess I’ll just stop saving for retirement since I won’t make it.

@dan what steps have you and GF taken to either prevent my laser from either becoming self aware , or if it does, does not go on a rampage and/or enslave my household?


Gonna guess it is the ?red? power cord of a distinctly limited length :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To quote Jeff Goldblum: “life finds a way” :stuck_out_tongue: Even techno sentient 3D psychotic west coast laser cutters .

Now I have a plot for a low budget movie stick in my head… Attack of the techno sentient psychotic coffee powered laser cutters. A cross between “I come in peace” and “attack of the killer tomatoes”.


So far it can’t climb a tree (I don’t think) - that will be my first destination…:fearful:

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But it can cut it down…lol

Pray that it’s a GF based killer robot and not a Terminator style one. The GF terminator could only go a 1/4 " into the trunk…


I keep seeing robot arms and not getting them because I want to build my own when the GF comes. 20" for the biggest segment seems like a pretty nice size.


I built a MeArm and it’s delightful! Nothing more than a $20 RC radio, a few $3 servos, and some plywood.


There are lots of Thingiverse files for the MeArm:

It does look like a fun project…


bookmarking that.
I expect my husband will build one. And then tinker.

Two thoughts:

The new Robocop movie
And anyone watch Person of Interest when it was on? Guy invents a super AI to watch everything and then rigs it so it only spits out a SS# and then the government has to figure out what threat that person is involved with(could be culprit or victim). It is set to only give the results of “relevant” persons aka national threat levels. He sneaks an "iirrelevant " list to try and help the everyday person by the same limited means. Really heats up later on when a rival AI gets booted up that hasn’t had the same training to value human life nor any limits imposed on what it could do.

Edit: wow…totally didn’t catch that this was 4 months old. Oops.


Love the show.