Multiple layers from Inkscape


I’ve just tried my first Inkscape SVG with more than 3 layers (20 in this case) but they come into the Glowforge as only 2 layers. I’ve been using 3 layers so I know that possible…is there some limitation on the number of layers or how they have to be differentiated?

Thanks for the help!

The Glowforge doesn’t recognize layers, it recognizes different colors.


I usually export one layer at the time. Unless you’re using layers for composition purposes, I.e., I’ll have one layer for the outline (which I then ignore), and other layers with different designs using the same outline. I then “turn on” (eye open) the outline layer and the layer I want to use for this project. Then export as a plain svg.

Thank you! This makes sense (at least as far as what I am seeing). I was able to assign 20 different colors and Glowflorge loads them as 20 different layers (with a “design has a lot steps” warning"). Given that I need to do engrave ~60 different 1cm buttons, the Glowforge interface is already slow enough with having to save 60 different files!

I really appreciate the quick responses!

Thanks for the answer @arh2 and @dklgood, that’s right.

I’m going to close this thread @ggraef- if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!