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I’m wanting to do multiple snap boxes for teacher gifts. Can I set up more than one at a time? How do I “upload” an existing gf file more than once?

You can copy and paste what’s in the existing file, but you can’t input an already uploaded file in the app into another one.

So either copy and paste or upload new version of the file after opening a file in the app.


You can also set up a file (on the usual 12x20 art board) with all your boxes set to different colors. They can all be on top of each other. Each color will show up as a separate step in the GF app and you’ll be able to turn them off/on as you need to. (the option is called “ignore”)

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I guess i’m just not getting it…could be the lack of sleep. I can’t figure out how to set up multiple copies of the “snap and store box”. I can open one instance, but it’s not one of my personal files, so I can’t upload it. And I tried the copy and paste, … it’ll let me copy, but no option for paste. Even tried ctrl V…no luck. Is there a way to save the GF app files to your hard drive?

Oh you’re trying to use a catalog item?
Copy/paste via ctrl+v should work, are you selecting pieces or all before you copy?

As for downloadinf the catalog files, no, there’s no official way to do so.

Ctl-A; Ctl-C; Ctl-V should work
If it doesn’t, I’d reset the design (3 dot menu) then exit, close your browser, and then go back in on a new session (clears your cache)


That worked… I’d tried that combination minus control-A, was trying to manually select. Thank you!

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