Multiple step concentric manual engrave issues

I am having trouble performing a multi-level manual engrave where the different levels are concentric (think multiple embedded rings with each ring having a different manual engrave setting). The issue is that each “ring” is being engraved as a complete circle, the laser does not turn off when crossing through the interior rings. This prevents any inner ring from ever having a lighter engrave than any outer ring and makes each inner ring engrave depth dependent on settings of all outer rings. Essentially no clipping is being performed for manual engrave settings with embedded objects as far as I can tell.

A simpler demonstration would be a manual engrave of a single ring or donut where the center is untouched/still masked.

Any ideas?


If you create vectors of the concentric rings, with different Fill colors and no stroke colors associated with each, you can set different engrave settings for them. You can also set individual rings to be Ignored if you choose, while another one is being engraved.

But if they are all the same color, or if it is a raster image, you will only have one operation to work with.


Yes, that is what I thought would happen, however I created multiple rings with different fills and they are never engraved as rings, always as circles. The vector representation probably looks like circles of different sizes with the smaller circles “in front” of the larger circles. The rings do get highlighted blue when adjusting their engrave settings but the full circle gets engraved.

I think your rings need to be vector-filled concentric donuts for it to work like you want. No overlap at all. No stroke, just fill. Does that make sense?


What’s the difference between engraving as rings and engraving as circles? From your initial description I was think what cynd11 said.

I think I get what you are saying. You would have to subtract out each smaller circle from the next largest one up. So, in Inkscape, you would create your largest circle. Next, create the next size smaller. Duplicate that in place. Select one of the smaller circles. Hold shift and select the larger circle. Then, use the difference tool under “path” menu to take out the smaller circle from the larger. You’d have to repeat this for each smaller ring you want.

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Yes, I will try this… new to Illustrator.


Oh, I do understand - you need to use the Subtraction tool to remove the interior of the rings - white fill is treated just like any other color when engraving.

If you created your colored rings by just stacking a bunch of solid circles on top of each other, they are not actually rings at all, they are like a stack of pancakes, with only part of each lower pancake showing.


Okay, in Illustrator I believe it is Pathfinder…Unite (or something like that, I’m not at my computer right now). Be sure to check out the tutorials in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks category, I’m sure there is one that covers your situation.

Yeah, here it is:


Ooh! That looks like the ticket. Thanks!


Glad you resolved it! Thanks @cynd11. I’m going to close this thread.

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