Must Be A Sign

Got a call on Monday night for a sign with song(?) lyrics in the shape of heart like this, said they need it by Wednesday… Found wood slats, glued them, spray painted and engraved … Then Wednesday they said "I’ll pick it up Thursday - can you add a date in bottom right… " Well I think they liked it… Masking does NOT like to stick to fresh spray paint (barely any time to let it dry completely. Wiping all the brown was fun as well with the masking pretty useless - still don’t know how it didn’t catch on fire. ) Since design was taller than 13 inches (panel fits in the Glowforge™ w/o tray but the design won’t fit in the print area.) I had to do cut design into 2 parts - engrave bottom 2/3rds , turn panel upside down, rotate the 2nd part of the design and match it up to engrave the rest of the design.


Great job! All the work was worth it!


Very clever solution!

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Nice! I say, charge ‘em extra for the last minute design addition.


Good job! People underestimate the paint, glue, and finishing time.

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