My 6x17 Panoramic Pinhole Camera

The first image you got looks brilliant. I love the vignette that it creates - the drop in light and softness makes a perfect frame.

Your write up is brilliant, I enjoyed the humour and detail of your thinking

Your posts keep reminding me that I have intended to do some pinhole work for years and with a laser it becomes trivial to experiment. Thank you for the inspiration


Beautiful work!


W - O - W !!! I am amazed beyond words!


This is just amazing! Well done!


Brilliant! :tada: We have missed you these last six months! I wonder what colorizing like this would do with some of your other images, or what other images you have been able to get, or how cool it would be to make a box with the images lasered in. It could be fun to see where you could go using the images you are getting as well!




Everybody already used up all the good words, but dang, I’m impressed!


Or as a buddy of mine 40 odd years ago said: “Always cut toward your chum, never cut toward your thumb”.


That is awesome! I just started following these forums is this is the reason why.


The rest of the Bay Area has great wether. San Francisco is its own little weather system and tend to be cooler than the surrounding areas most of the year. Where I live it is particularly foggy - even for San Francisco! Yes, busy airspace, too! I’m something of plane spotter so I enjoy that aspect of living here. When I fly home from a trip abroad my flight takes us by the Golden Gate Bridge and so I can literally see my house from the air. That’s kinda neat. But every year we get the Blue Angels practicing over my house for Fleet Week and the sounds that makes is pretty terrifying. First time I heard it I instinctively hit the deck!


Thank you @marthajackson1970 !

Thank you! Indeed it is. Even a lifelong klutz like me can do this. Because of the relative ease in producing prototypes, the design process naturally becomes iterative and the end result gets better each time. This 6x17 camera has already informed my design decisions for the next build.


Thanks @timjedwards for your kindness!

Thank you, @ellencadwell :bowing_man:

Cheers @rvogt !

Hey @rbtdanforth, thanks! Yes, after my last post I got on a plane to Japan and was there the entire summer. I took that 6x6 pinhole camera with me and got some great shots. Maybe I should post them on that write up. Colorizing with the neural filters are really cool. It seems the AI works better with digital monochrome images. I think film grain confuses it a little so it is less than perfect. But I think that makes for more interesting result, and by that I mean it has that hand-tinted look that I referred to above. Here’s an example. This is an image of my two daughters standing in front of one of the robot soldiers from Studio Ghibli’s “Laputa” on the roof of the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. The straight image is cool but there’s something about the result of the neural filter that makes it hand tinted that gives it an additional vintage and human (dare I say it) feel.

Anyway - still working on the whole process. I love the images I’m getting so far so it looks like this is one rabbit hole I won’t be coming out of :sweat_smile:


@tjones - much thanks!

Thank you, @geek2nurse ! A good “dang” is always appreciated!

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I wish I had friends like yours :cold_sweat:

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Thanks @lagray915 ! Yes, my work not withstanding, this is an excellent resource for ideas, techniques, and inspiration. Everyone is quite supportive so please hang out!