My adobe svg file will not load in GF

I have downloaded my eps file into ai then saved it as an svg as I always do and now it won’t load keeps popping up with the little error box when it tried to load saying error with gf may need to refresh (which I have several times) the browser and or turn the gf on and off (which I have) I did try to pull in previous work and came in fine. maybe I am not saving the file correctly? I am still new and design and when you have to save to svg not sure all specifics…

If you keep having trouble with the file, you can zip it and post it here for us to look at.

For reference, here are my standard SVG save settings (using Save As or Save A Copy, not Export)


now it saying it’s offline? uhg thank you

Maybe you should try power cycling your router as well?

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darn. well, good news: that’s not a problem with your file

If you’re on a CC version of Illustrator you can skip the SVG part and just copy/paste from Illustrator to you GF app dashboard page via keyboard ctrl+c/ctrl+v. (The one that shows the thumbnails of your designs, not the one with the cutting bed and operations ).

For all work in Illustrator to Glowforge, it helps to set your art board to exactly 20“ x 12“ to avoid scaling issues.:slightly_smiling_face:


It keeps converting it to bitmap, I don’t want bitmap how do I keep it from doing this?

When you cut/paste?
A) Make sure your art is actually vector, it’s possible for both EPS and Illustrator files to contain bitmaps.
B) What is telling you it’s converting to bitmap? If the artwork you paste/import is solid filled it’ll default to engrave, but you can easily change it score or cut in the GFUI.


I can’t think of any particular scenario where saving to SVG is going to convert anything to bitmap. That would indicate to me that your source art is bitmap.

Several different ways to verify this. Maybe the easiest to explain would be to hit outline mode (control or command-y) - if you see just a square where your eps file is, it’s raster and needs to be converted to a vector. If you can see the individual paths, it’s vector.