My attempt on slate

My attempt for an animal remembrance plaque on a piece of unfinished slate. I also didn’t have mineral oil but meh. This was on 900 speed, 30 pew pews, vary power with min power 0, focus on the surface. I’m going to try again with mineral oil to see the difference.


Awww! Pretty kitty. Sphynx? :slightly_smiling_face:

Awwwww, sorry you lost your kitty.

Yep a sphinx but not mine. A family friend that is unable to conceive so they have fur babies.

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I’m curious why you chose only 900 Speedicles and only 30 Meow Meow Beans. Was it based on testing? I only ask because my limited slate experience showed that 1000/Full yielded the best contrast for me.


I haven’t done slate in a while, but I remember getting slag (basically - molten bubbles) on the surface when running higher powers on slate.


Same for me. I notice though, that this piece of slate is a brownish color instead of the usual dark gray/black. That might have something to do with the pale outcome.

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Hmmm… Well, it’s not like all things are always equal. That’s why I always note the supplier when I document my material settings. Ya never know!

I was wondering if that made a difference, too.

I only used those settings because that is what was recommended to me from a pal who had done testing on his slate, yielding positive results. I didn’t want to recreate the wheel.