My blog,

I’m super nervous to share this! Those of you who are SO much more experienced - please don’t be too harsh on me! lol

I haven’t been around as much lately in the forum (and lost my Regular status as a result,
:cry: boohoo!) because I’ve been busy working on a blog.

I am taking a course to help me walk through all of the things needed for a successful blog. I began working on a blog around the same time as we got our GF. I ended up changing my blog topic to GF because I decided it would be awesome to document all of the things I’m learning and share. I have SO many plans for future projects and many other things. (I have a ton of emails I have sent to myself that I need to transcribe into my idea notebook. LOL) But anyone who has a blog knows how much behind-the-scenes work there is to do, so it takes a while!

My current course assignment is to start sharing my blog with others. So… GULP.… here goes!
My blog is about sharing what I learn in my journey to become a “Glowforge Guru,” teaching others along the way.

Please feel free to check it out, share, etc! And please feel free to comment on any posts if you have anything to share there! In the near future, I’ll be working on becoming active with my blog on social media (that is coming up soon in the course).



The design is nice, but I do think it’s too bad you’ve decided to post your stuff there instead of in the community. Hopefully you’ll make some cash off your blog, I assume that’s why you’re making it in the first place. Your referral link is nice and prominent, maybe you’ll catch a couple. Is your goal to ultimately get a self-sustaining patreon or just straight sales?


I’m still going to share here! I just needed to spend my time getting everything going, you know? It’s so much at once (plus working full-time, my kids and all that, and this crazy world right now that’s really overwhelming, but I digress!! Lol)

I am planning to have a few different revenue streams. I think some of it will need to just evolve over time, I want to be flexible to see where things go and adjust my sails (or sales? LOL unintended pun), if that makes sense. (Patreon has been an idea in the back of my mind but it’s just hanging out back there with the cobwebs at the moment. LOL)

But I am not going away! :smiley: You can’t get rid of me that easily! I just need more hours in the day. I’ll be sharing here, too!

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Good Luck! :+1:

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It’s a nice site, and a good start on the content.

My constructive two cents: it is surprisingly slow to load. Like, just on the edge of frustrating enough to close the tab territory (admittedly I’m easily frustrated). This could be your hosting provider’s fault, or perhaps some of the templates and plugins you’re using aren’t super optimized. It may be worth looking into. I’ve been out of the web design world for a decade, but I know is one tool that can just throw recommendations at you. I’m sure there are others.


Thank you for letting me know! My internet has been a little wonky lately so I wouldn’t have thought anything about it if it took a second. Also, I just added a new plugin so I may need to see if that could be impacting it. I appreciate your feedback!

Yes, please continue to share here as well. I too have a blog related to Glowforge and design, but don’t put too much effort into it. I get the need to post your referral link there, as it is tough trying to get through the sharks on the facebook group trying to hand theirs out, so maybe someone will use it because they thought your content useful. I don’t think anyone has used my referral code because of my blog, but have gotten a few from my Instagram account and photo gallery that I display my work. For me, my blog is secondary to selling my design files on my own personal site as an alternative to the high fees by Etsy. I also have my referral code posted on some of my pages, as it is nice to get a little kickback from Glowforge to use on materials. There are always people who like one medium over others. Some prefer video, some reading this forum, and some blogs. Someone will find you information useful, so keep writing and good luck.


Yeah I have some videos and then I have written steps, some with photos.

It’s written more geared toward beginners so I am considering a way to summarize it for more advanced users that don’t want to read all of that. (I have some ideas just have to go play around and see how it all looks and if it will work)

I’m anxious to get started on IG I just am trying to not jump ahead of myself and follow my course because it’s tried and true! haha I’ll be there soon enough. I really think some people prefer IG, some FB, some here, and so I’ll branch out. I have a tendency to put way too many irons in the fire by nature, so I’m really working on staying focused. lol

It’s a catch 22 with Etsy, right? The traffic is a great advantage but then, the fees.

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I had a couple of people (from different parts of the US even) try it and they didn’t have any problems. Maybe it was just some kinda blip or something. Sometimes things have been kinda bogged down with the pandemic.

Also a blogger here (but I’ve been doing it since 2001, so I’m all jaded and stuff). Congrats on launching your site! If you feel comfortable sharing, what course are you taking?

My feedback is that while niching down is important, you don’t want to niche yourself into a box. I think you can write generally about lasering while having some posts (or info in a post) specific to GlowForge. Having launched a number of blogs over the years and rebranded several times, I always recommend that people leave themselves a bit of wiggle room. For example, in a year, you might want a different brand of laser. Then what?

My other feedback is around your “Usual Reminders.” That info should be in a post of its own or at least have links to more information. For example, you suggest testing materias - you should link to a post that explains how to do that.


Cool! What’s your blog? I’m taking EBA and also in a mastermind group of Jennifer Maker’s. :smiley:

Hah. I knew it. I own EBA, but I haven’t really followed it. I thought it would be helpful to get me out of a slump a few years ago, but I just ended up kind of annoyed. :wink: Jennifer Maker is hardcore, though.

Not sharing my blog(s) right now because I’ve been focused on other things and they are a mess. I could teach a master class on blogging, but am not motivated right now to do it! If I start writing again on anything relevant (which I’m supposed to be doing), I’ll share it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, looking forward to seeing your blog grow!

My daughter just finished almost 2.5 years of chemo, so I know all about things being messy. lol Good luck!

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