My buddy wants a Tampa Bay Buc flag for the man cave

So I did a practice on a piece of EVA foam.


Cool! Of course you know that buccan is dried Manatee meat and because they were easy to kill it was usually the cheapest available. So the name Buccaneers was a put down by privateer folks working for governments saying that the Buccaneers were working for buccan.


Also, I looked into licensing NFL property for use commercially. It is v e r y expensive, and the rules are strict. Be very careful what you make with anything related to the NFL–they are very jealous of their IP, and will aggressively pursue legal action if they feel like it.

But the design is great, and your friend will probably love it.

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Similar for NCAA. I have a friend that makes cowbells for Mississippi State. He only sells to the school, but had to go through the licensing process to continue work. (He does this for love of his wife as he is a WV and UNLV grad.)

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The same applies to any “brand” including the military. They don’t go after people making trinkets for themselves or friends.

I only mentioned it because certain brands have the reputation for being hyper-aggressive regarding it. NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, and Disney are the biggest ones I have heard of or dealt with. Harley-Davidson is also very jealous.

I have a deal with the local university, and they’re pretty reasonable. It varies

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Yeah, I am not trying to make any money on this project. My friend is supplying the wood, all I’m doing is supplying the laser to cut it. Returning a favor he did for me.