My business logo 1st run

Well hooray I’m no longer a virgin i’m posting my first run. Lol. I finally got my DUSHI75
(Sweetie) and not even knowing how to use the GF app as jet I decided to play around and use one of the pre made designes and incorporate my logo into it. But I was like let me see how a 3D ingraving will look on my logo and for my first run I can say i’m Happy. Now just got to learn exactly the app and I will b in heaven concerning what I really bought the forge for


Great looking logo! Congratulations! :grinning:

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Thanks Jules, trying to learn the app so I can do all my designs right :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Wow!!! You really made that design your own, that’s awesome!


Fantastic. You’re going to be making awesome goodies, I can just tell!!

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You really rocked the first run—that looks fantastic!

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So ehm, small treasure or sweethearts?


Lovely design!

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I know I should had uploaded my logo I designed a few years back so you guys can see why I said I was pleased with my first run


Thank you Dan for bringing to us the GF, I’m ready to take it to the next level with my business lol

Thank jws, I have so many designs I need to put out especially those for my business

Thank cynd11 now i’m trying to catch up with you guys lol

darkdesign, it’s sweethearts since my in business i’m Focusing primarily on wedding invitations even tough it also can be made for any other event. They are all personalized. And thanks on the feedback lol

Looks great!

Excellent! Really nice design.


but where does the “schatjes” come from?

Your off to a great start

I’m originally from Aruba n as you know we are a Dutch island we speak 4 language and Schatjes is a Dutch word


Ah that explains a lot! I had connected DUSHI75 and Schatjes and I was curious if you were a native Dutch speaker in the US or maybe you had just looked something up.

I’m Dutch and we’ve had a winterhome on Bonaire for the last 15 or 20 years.

Looking forward to your next designs, keep on forging!

lol Thanks so you can papia papiamento anto hahaha. All my fam. still in Aruba ik ben hier op 24 jaren in US

Only the basics I’m afraid.