My "colorful collection" from E-Bay has arrived!

I bought this

and got this:

All ~3" wide but 5 pieces ~1/2" thick including some a few thousandths over 3 are walnut and 2 are Paduk That said it is still a bargain, there are several pieces of Wenge, Birdseye, Zebrawood, Redheart, and I am not sure about much of it. The local Woodcraft shop is supposed to be offering to slice and plane customers’ wood and as I already have some very rare wood that needs it I have made sure I can bring it in to be cut.


Ooh, fancy! Nice score.

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Monitorseller is ebays outlet for green valley wood products. They sell consistently good products.

Head to if you’d like to see what else they don’t sell on eBay. The pricing tends to be just higher than ocooch but it depends on the species.

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