My Daughter's(and mine) Kickstarter


Total self promotion here(hope that’s ok). My 13 year old daughter and I just launched our first Kickstarter campaign. What a huge learning curve to say the least. We have both learned a lot and continue too. Take a look and leave me some feedback. Thanks


Great idea! Backed!!


After your daughter’s performance, how could I not back this? Good luck on the campaign!

I imagine using this while camping…cool. Maybe it will fit my Nalgene.


Wow! Thanks so much!!


Yeah, I can see one of those for hub’s Christmas Stocking…(next year!) Chuckle!


Way cool! Just me, but I’d love to see a two-bottle reward level. Get one, give one…


Backed! :smiley:


Done! And thanks!!!


Backed. Now I will be able to tell which bottle is mine.


That’s the real question, will it fit a standard liter bottle?


How cool is that? It looks like your daughter has a good future ahead of her, and what a great lesson in entrepreneurship, success or failure. You had me at LEDs. I’m in. - Rich


Good luck! I have no interest in getting the product but threw some money at your project to support a young entrepreneur!


Hey tom, this is really neat especially that your daughter is becoming such an early aged entrepreneur. Just as a suggestion my marketing gut inside me says the product needs to be seen by people who go to parties, raves, festivals or large outdoor events. Best of luck


totally. And don’t forget Burners. I could easily imagine two bottles on ropes being used instead of fire balls for some digital Poi Balls / Poi Dancing.


Not sure what the diameter of the 1L Nalgene is but here is a pic of it on the biggest bottle we had, the bottle in the pic is 3.75"d

It fits, Its a bit goofy, but so is a glowing water bottle:-)


YES! Just started hitting up those types of forums today


:slight_smile: I’m a burner so have been hitting up fellow burners, Might try sticking them on a couple tennis balls and a rope for a Poi, I like that idea!


I’ll just get the skinny version Nalgene puts out. :upside_down: