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I went to retrieve a file from my library to work on and print but I noticed that only a few of my files were there. I have not been a premium subscriber so that should not be the problem. I have opened and worked on files for the last few weeks and that means nothing should be archived. I am unsure why all of a sudden my files are missing today. please help.

That means any files not accessed in the last 30 days will be deleted.


If you are missing files you think should be there, you will likely have to contact support. We are all just other users here and, Glowforge no longer reads or responds to issues in the forums.


Im having the same problem and I am a Premium member. How do I find all my file???

If you are a premium member, all of your files should be there. Try sorting them oldest to newest or putting in the name of a file in the search field.


Oldest to newest gives me about 15 of my oldest.

Searching…argg…I never remember the names of every file. I usually just scroll through.

Thanks though…guess I’ll contact ye old support.

You can create subdirectories (folders) for each type of thing and have those things show up when you pick that folder. You can even have them in several folder. Just drag and drop them. you can also go through and rename each file to help with sorting like adding “box xxxx” to xxxx if it is a box. Remember that search uses only whole words so “box” will not find “box1”.

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But…but…but how do I get them to all show up now so that I can do this glorious sorting?

I meant…how do I get ALL my files to show up. Arggg…waiting for GF support to answer my email.

Just go to My designs as above and don’t type in a specific search as in that specific case “box”.


bingo!!! You just saved the wee bit of sanity that I have left.

Thank You!!!


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