My designs are dissappearing on there own inside of the boxes

What is happening ? I lost one yesterday and now today, the name of the design is there but the design itself is gone.

As in, you can see the design on your dashboard, but when you open it there’s nothing in the GFUI? Any chance you deleted before you exited, because it only saves the last thing you did.

If something else, can you be more specific?

No that is exactly what I mean: The first one I noticed yesterday but now I just found another box empty , I am sure that I did not delete this as I am going on 2 years with my glowforge so I know not to delete anything ever.

Something is not right . Is there a log I can check to see what happened ?

Wow - definitely a problem I’m not seeing :-/
There is a way to get to your logs, but it’s not translated in any way so I doubt that’d be helpful.
I’d try from a completely different browser just in case it’s something weird with that, but other than that I wouldn’t touch anything in those designs and wait for support

Is it possible that the design was shifted off of the cutting area? (It might be outside of the viewing range, try using the Zoom tool to zoom out.)

You mean within your library, where after a design you upload should then stay?

I’ve always had issues with this–including different artwork than the file name should be, and even when printing the project name shows something older and not the file I had uploaded. So I rarely ever go to my library, and just upload from my own directories (faster too, since I have so many categories/files I work with I can manage my folders much faster than searching thru my GF library…).

So it Gets really weird now.

I found them using the MAC computer using Safari but when I go back to the Windows Computer using Google they are missing.

Im running windows 10 lattest version and google chrome lattest version.

Not sure what to think ? Im happy I got them back so i dont have to resize them but why is this happening , maybe because im using two platforms ?

That shouldn’t affect anything…did you try refreshing the browsers?

Oh yes , I tried everything , it appears I am still missing 1 Design even on the Mac .

I find that it is very browser specific. Some browsers I cannot see the artwork, some work well. Chrome on my MAC computers seem to work the best but chrome on my Win 10 computer not so much.

I see at least one image of mine that’s also missing. Weird. I’m also on Chrome on Windows 10.

Edited to add that it’s still happening in Microsoft Edge. And I found another design.

Thanks Christy M :flushed:

Something is happening on that platform as im sure more people our gong to find missing designs .

Recommend everyone using Windows 10 start checking there folders , they might be surprised to find a missing design or 2 . ugh.

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Try clearing cache

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FWIW, happened to me on two different browsers (one I don’t use to log into GF or much of anything else). One file I discovered on one browser, one on the other.

I did clear the cache on Edge since I rarely use it (just so I could say I did it!). Didn’t help.

@coalakida Would it be possible to obtain screenshots of the behavior you’re seeing inside of the Glowforge App? Including screenshots from alternate operating systems (Windows 10 or Mac OS) would also be helpful.

Thank you!

Yes, I will try to provide some pictures. GIve me a bit.

I also should note that I do not have any scroll bad in the design box , is there suppose to be one ?

As soon as we can review the pictures for the behavior differences you are seeing from one operating system to another, we can send over the next steps.

Since the initial trouble, has the trouble occurred again?

In regards to the scroll bars, are you referencing the Design Library or the workspace inside of the Glowforge App?

The Work space , I have scroll bars.