My family got bigger

@dan thank you so much for this amazing machine she looks as sexy as my luzbot5. It’s been 2 years and 3 months but you keep your promise It was worth the wait. To anyone that still haven’t received there’s yet, just be a bit more patient it’s worth the wait and frustration. I can’t wait to create art and things to help people with disability. This machine will help me help the community by being able to custom make anything to help there life be more accessible. Again you to Dan and his team for every inch of effort they put together to give me the joy to forge.


Have you picked a name yet?

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Not yet, my luzbot5 name is Luzy

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How ‘bout Diamonds? Then you could have Lucy in the shop with Diamonds.

Sorry, flu has me a bit loopy today. :crazy_face:


…dude thank you