My favorite supplier for patterned acrylic (Patternply) & wood may be coming to your town

Oh that’s cool! Their product selection is off the rails - there’s so much! I once ordered nothing but their 2nds, just to see what it would be like, and every one was practically perfect.


I just received this week a box that had a bunch of flex so I can make sun catchers. I also a few new colors of leather (I love their soft leather) and some new acrylic patternply to make a purse with. speaking of which… the glowforges are calling my name… :wink:


I love how successful this company has become. Casey took a huge leap of faith quitting his full time job to start this business supplying material to Glowforge owners in the early days. They’ve grown from husband and wife with a panel saw, to employing over 15 people in their own warehouse while touring the country to meet customers in their custom semi and tour bus, all in under 5 years. It’s an amazing story.

Their seconds include “we pulled the wrong sheet for the order” and “the customer cancelled the order so they could add more” (happens daily on their Facebook group). Their packing team puts anything that doesn’t go into an order into the “misfits” pile for those sales, so many of the sheets aren’t really seconds at all. They’d rather just not re-sort them into stock, and the biannual misfit sales are good marketing for them, keeps people excited about the brand.

These events look like a lot of fun if you love printed materials to work with. They’re cheaper at the events than on their website, plus you don’t have to pay shipping. Someone shared this photo of one of the earlier stops. They have thousands and thousands of sheets, on all different materials (MDF, solid acrylics, glitter acrylic, mirror acrylic, flexible plastic, etc) with them.


I’ve got the one in Michigan next month on my calendar - but they’re all about 2.5 hours away so I’m not sure it’s gonna happen. We’ll see!