My file imports as all one color

When I upload a file the lines don’t show up colored like the actual files that show me what to cut, score or engrave. Almost everything comes in orange. Are there any specific settings I can use to fix this? I am brand new and this is super frustrating. Thank you

When you create your file, designate different parts of the file as different colors. Those colors will not be shown in the interface, but each section will be treated as a separate part which you can score or cut. You can change the colors you see in the interface by clicking the three dots, selecting preferences and choosing a different color scheme. In the example I am sharing, orange is cuts and purple is score, but it is the interface selecting the colors. It doesn’t matter if I had designed with green and blue.


On the list of steps on the left - you have to select a step and tell it is a score, cut or engrave. The GF software doesn’t assign those automatically other than lines default to cut and filled shapes default to engrave. But each vector color in your file will come in as a separate step.


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