My files do not show in

I accessed and I don’t see my files/designs anymore. It’s all blank.
-help please

Ignore this. For some reason, Chrome (which I used always) does not show the files. When I use Safari, I can see them. So, ignore this. It seems like a browser issue, maybe caching.

This seems to be effecting a decent number of GFers over the past few days. Blank screens in the GF app areas. Most get around with other browsers some can get it working with forced reloads only to have it blank out again.

Only question now is: did GF change some code or did chrome?

Chrome has had numerous updates in the past few weeks. BTW, The next release is due out on Tuesday with a huge security update:

The GF services should be unaffected.


I use Firefox and I am experiencing the same issue. Just tried on Safari and all seems okay so begs the question - is this a GF App issue or multi browser issue?