My first attempt at a tile

I probably won’t try to do this many colors this close together again, because it was tricky not to have them bleed into each other, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out!

Now I just need to make a stand for it.



Nicely done. Were you using sharpies or something else?

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Here’s a link to a very simple stand I designed earlier this year…

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Looks good, I like the colors.

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The multiple colors look great, but I know it’s not an easy task.

The black is just a regular Sharpie, and the colors are oil-based paint Sharpies. I colored the area, let it dry, then dipped a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and moistened it. The excess color rubbed off with a paper towel. This one was mostly a test of the pens and the technique, but I figured I should make something seasonally appropriate.


Very Nice :sunglasses:
You will be able to consume a lot of that extra time with your Basic!

Congratulations on your PhD :+1: You just feel like you have too much time on your hands because now you don’t have to dedicate your life to studying Materials Engineering anymore! You have a lot of time invested in your discipline. :no_mouth:
(My Son earned a bachelors in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Colorado School of Mines)


That is really cool.

Nice work! I love the colors. Perfect engrave for the coming holiday!

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Love the colors!

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So nice! Really great use of color and I love the almost pastel effect. Are you going to seal it?

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Nice work for first tile. Skulls are not scary anymore.

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Wonderful outcome!

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Great job adding the colors!