My First Bracelets

Heya everyone. Got my first lesson in Adobe Illustrator tonight (thanks to my hubby, EJ). I’d never even seen the program before, but he walked me through how to set up my preferences, create shapes, modify fill and stroke, convert vectors to rasters, and so on. He’d posted some bracelets before, but here is my first foray into design > production, start to finish from Illustrator to the GF. Not bad, but always room for improvements or new concepts. I’m having so much fun with this, I’m about to bust at the seams. :yum:


Those look great! You’re a designer now. :grinning:


Thanks Jules…That’s the plan! :heart_eyes:


LOL I am learning from the best!!! :heart_eyes:


Wow, great first project and cool collaboration! Very handy to have an in-house expert.


Lovely work, really like the earrings in the background.

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Life is learning and as long as we are learning we a living.

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It really is amazing what one can make with a bit of software and the mega-powerful Glowforge.

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Congratulations! They look great! All you need is a thought … and you have inspiration for the Glowforge use.

You’re off to a great start! Sounds like you mastered the essentials, so now you can keep making awesome stuff :slight_smile:

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Those are mighty fine first bracelets! They look very professional! Folks will be happy to wear them.