My first Christmas design video

I have officially stepped into the world of youtube with my first video!! I am super proud of it, I have 4 different angles catching all of the actions of the Glowforge and the print all in one. This is my Christmas Wreath design, the sequel to my Thanksgiving Wreath. I decided to not add audio to the video since its basically just a featured cut and some people don’t like music and not to much explanation needed to see what’s going on, as it covers all angles.

Youtube video link---->>

Comments are welcomed.

Here’s some still shots of the design as well:

IMG_20181206_104515 IMG_20181206_104523


Very nice. Video was good also.


You did cover all the angles, didn’t you? Great job on the cross fades, and I really like that wreath.


Congrats on your first vid, and the wreath looks stunning! :smile:


Nice camera angles and a good documentation of the different operations. I agree that music isn’t necessary except maybe a transition or highlight sound effect. A narration dubbed over that explains the different operations would be helpful, such as a raster engrave at such and such settings. Or this part took so many minutes IRL and then point out when you did the extra score.

It’s always worth pointing out to folks some of the obvious things that we take for granted but newbies might be curious about. So the whole "looks like it is just burning everything up. Surprise, the masking takes care of that and little post processing is needed.

But then again, adding audio can triple at the bare minimum your editing time. That’s where captions can be used instead.

In any case, this is great. Looking for more!


Your Glowforge is SO clean. That is a good looking Christmas wreath too. :grin:


Thank you for the input and yea I basically had four hours of video time to edit down to 2 mins lol. 4 camera angles X 1 hour and 1 min print = A lot of work for a higher quality video lol.


Thanks, I wiped it all down before the video. Did a lot of prep work for it. I usually clean it about once a month as well.


I tried that’s for sure. I really thought it would have been cool to find a way to strap one to the metal where the head is so it could follow the whole time as it prints lol but I didn’t even want to chance figuring that out as I don’t want to harm my machine in anyway.

Nice video … and love the wreath. I tend to like some narration … even if only in spots. Fabulous job on the video though!

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