My first Creations on GF

Well, I think I’m getting hang of it eventually… I have started with making a Viking helmet and Viking ornament for a school play:

both cut out of cardboard, after few tries and errors.


My next attempt was in acrylic, a cake topper for a wedding:

I was amazed how thin elements can be achieved. The only complaint is inconsistency of the precision of positioning.


Bit of paper engineering: thank you cards :
Came out really well, although had to draw all the lettering.


I’d say you’ve got the hang of it!

As beautiful as the other pieces are I really love the Viking helmet


I’ve been playing bit more with acrylics, creating some key rings:

I have added some definition by adding colour to the lines.

The only issue I’ve found is mysterious patterns appearing on the back, as if the beam got reflected back to the material, even though it had a protective backing.


looks like you are off to a great start.

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Yes, that’s called “flashback” and can occur if the power is a little too high. Sometimes you have to experiment in the manual settings a little bit. It’s a balance between getting flashback and the item not cutting all the way through, and it can vary with the material.

I really like all your items! The Viking ornament is really cool–I like the way you layered it to look three dimensional.


Thanks. It was actually quite simple; I’ve used 2 layers of thick cardboard, one just a circle, the other with design, then glued and painted the lot.

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All cool projects! Intrigued by the ThankYou cards…


I have always loved all things paper … Your cards certainly, cardboard … Definitely. Totally love the cake topper though! Very nicely done!

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You’re a paper engineering virtuoso! I’d love to see how the full viking costume came together.

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I’m impressed with everything you’ve done so far! All of the projects turned out beautifully, and the variety of materials you’re using is great to see.

What do you mean when you say you had to hand draw the letters in the cards? Wasn’t there a font that you could use?

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It’s beautiful, what setting did you use to have a cut without black edge?

I have used Fabriano artist paper 200g/m2
Cut speed 400, power 37
For writing etch speed 250, power 2
Score speed 300, power 1

I couldn’t figure out how to explode the font in Cad. The GF doesn’t seem to recognise fonts. Any hints most welcome.

One fierce Viking:



Thank you for your quick and accurate answer. I will test that.

If you create the text in inkscape then select everything then ‘object to path’ or maybe it’s the other ‘… to path’. Save as regular .SVG. You should be good to go. Sorry for the ambiguity, jet lag