My first cut of 2018, inspired by the catalog

So, I had a lot going on last night and this morning, and it took a while for me to be setup with my updated venting (pictures sometime in the next couple days) that keeps the cold out for me on the sub-arctic days we’ve been having. While I worked on my first design of 2018, my :glowforge: offered a different kind of inspiration. I had to share the GlowBubbly.

So my cut took some inspiration from the catalog and the fact that I just unloaded more money than I should have at the Tandy Leather store last week. I was looking at the “It’s a Cinch Drawstring Pouch” in the catalog.


I was thinking that I wanted to do something like that, but I didn’t want to buy that design, and I wanted some additional flexibility. The result is still a work in progress as it was the first time I’ve gone into Inkscape to design something for leather. (And I’ve not created that many more designs on my own before now.)

I looked at the pouch and asked myself 2 questions.

  1. How would I make that myself?
  2. What features would I want it to have? (I still don’t know what is actually included in the design in the catalog, part from a ready-to-print plan and instructions. I’ve not seen the actual plan.)

I decided that I’d want a firm, reinforced bottom, and the pouch to be as large as I could make it. This was only the first try, and I think I can probably cut the outer diameter a little larger.

It certainly has a firm base as I sewed a thick leather circle in the middle of the bottom inside of the pouch, which also gave me the opportunity to practice my saddle stitch. I then laced the top with a leather cord I got in the Walmart craft jewelry area.

The next iteration will have the following changes:

  1. Increased outer diameter.
  2. Decreased base diameter.
  3. Larger slits for stitching and lacing.
  4. Larger spacing between the edge of the base piece and the holes for sewing.

Note: With the updated venting, it stayed warm inside, and there was no leather cut smell in the apartment. I also bought some leather cleaner at the Tandy Leather store, so the first thing I do when it comes out of the laser is clean it well with a leather-friendly product, which greatly reduces the leather smell.


I think the next time around will have the Lasercat Approved seal, either engraved on the bottom, or pendant in the lacing.


Very nice - I picked up a quarter hide I need to mess with, and I screwed up and got the heavy stuff, but I needed something larger to learn on. (Oh well, live and learn.)

Maybe I can use it for bases. (Or boxes - might work for that too - it’s super stiff.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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