My First Edge-lit Creation

We had a white elephant gift exchange at work. So I made this:

Proofgrade Medium Acrylic using Deep Graphic Proofgrade setting.

I got the holly art from

This was my first Acrylic project. I so love how easy this machine makes creating something like this.


Great job!
Although I’m offended you didn’t include Festivus. You’ll hear from me during the Airing of Grievances.


Had to leave something for the AoG :slight_smile:


Where did you get the base from?

I second, where did you get your base from? I was looking to figure out how to make a custom one or find one to buy

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Amazon full of different types.
I have been looking at a few.
Kind of liked these, since battery or usb powered.
Not seeing a cord on his, so maybe the same same ones

I got this package of 12 from Amazon:

They can be powered by 3 AA batteries (not provided) or by USB cable (provided). Also has a remote control.


I got this 12 pack - great deal! And laser-cutting/engraving acrylic for signage is so easy, and the result looks great.