My first experiment with glasses


Being an herbalist, I couldn’t resist etching one of my bottles. I did mask it and took the tray out to fit it in. I absolutely love how it turned out! Perfect for my cold and flu elixir!

Couldn’t have done it without you all and your pearls of expert wisdom? :blush: Thank you!


Cold and fly elixer? Man that has got me some kind of curious, but I know that recipes are jealously guarded, so I won’t ask. :smile:

Bottle looks great!


I hate auto correct!! I fixed it! LOL and thanks!


nice little bottles. Mind sharing the source?


Oh shoot! The other one sounded fascinating! :rofl:


I think they were from Hobby Lobby.


LOLOLOL :rofl: :joy: Too funny!


Turned out really nice!


I always do my best proofreading right after I hit “Send”.


That’s when I remember the attachment.


Nice job on this! The lettering style works perfectly with that bottle shape.


:open_mouth: that is cool!!!


Those came out great. Looks like you nailed the settings!


Very good looking bottle. It made me feel better already.