My first icosahedron

As with most of my projects it all started with browsing this forum and finding inspiration to try new things and improve my skill set. Special thx to @pubultrastar and @evansd2

Started out by downloading some free files off of thingiverse to test out. With those I was able to 3d print some brackets on a printer I borrowed from a friend.

And after playing around with some things that will eventually end with with me losing an eye lol :wink:

After I had the brackets all printed I moved onto doing a test to see how well I could get the corners to fit on the external tiles. Just printed the tip of the triangles.

Once I was happy with that result I moved on and printed the full size tiles and assembled.

Which I think turned out nice and clean imo.

But wanted to do more with it, so I moved onto engraving the outside. I’m lucky that I have a brother that knows more about 3d modeling than myself and was able to create the object in blender for me and wrap it with a neat looking pattern he called inky but not sure if that is the real name for it. He then was able to flatten the wrap and separate the tiles for me and export them at 8K.

From there I imported the image into inkscape and converted it to a bitmap and separated all the tiles setting them into the original triangle cut file used to make the outside. I modified it by adding an area around the holes to accept the head of the screw (in hind sight I should have excluded that area so all the screw heads would still be at the same level ). Then arranged and numbered them to keep track as they are all different.

Exporting from blender was super easy compared to my original attempt where I lined them all up manually by editing nodes and I think the blender file looks nicer in the end.

(My attempt)
Next step was just to engrave but not wanting to waste my previous material I made a jig for the bed of the glowforge by taking my original cut file and reducing it by a few thousandths laying my design over that new cutout and then cutting the tile shape out of a piece of paper. And then start the 10 hrs of engraving it took to finish this ball lol. If I had done it all from the start I could have saved a lot of time buy grouping but time is something I have a lot of these days.

(The later tiles i used masking to speed up clean up)

(Test fit for sanity then off to the very slow races.)

(4 more tiles to go)

I made a quick hanger out of some scrap copper wire laying around the house and a soldering iron. Heated the wire to melt a path through the connector and crimped them on the inside so it will not pull out.

And the "I’m too tired to mess around with it anymore right now final result."

And now it goes on the shelf to collect dust with the rest of my learning experiences :slight_smile: Now it is time to give my :glowforge: a well deserved deep cleaning while I decide on the next thing to torture it with.



Wow, just wow! I really like your pattern, but more importantly, I really enjoyed reading your journey of how you got there. :heart_eyes:


The pattern looks great! Nicely done.


Turned out great and I Love “Inky”! Well done.


Yeah, the pattern spices it up beautifully. Great job!


Oooooo, love that texture! You nailed it!


@arh2 :smiley: Thank you, it was a great learning experience all tho will be hard on the wallet in the end as i now need to buy a 3d printer lol.

@pubultrastar Thank you :smiley: And thx for all your posts, they inspire me to try harder lol

@UrJac Thank you, I cant wait to try new patterns and new shapes now that I am getting the hang of what and how to do these things. My next attempt will be a lamp but still working out the details on that one. step one will be to go to the thrift store and buy some cheap hardware.

@Jules Thank you, my only regret was engraving so deeply was kinda a waste of time and ended up with a kinda fragile product but hindsight and learning and all that.

@cynd11 Thank you, most of that goes to my brother he is the one for now that has all the 3d knowledge but learning more every day starting to design my own brackets as well so I can possibly sell my creations in the future.


Very well done. You were inspired by the forum and now you are inspiring. That turned out really nice.


That thing is hypnotic! Love it!


I really love the design on the outside. Very trippy.

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Recently had my best friend’s parents stay with us, and his dad has always been obsessed with the little things I send their way. I had my bin of “learning experiences” out, so he was rummaging through it, which then had me also going through it with him. I’ve made some cool stuff that have been overlooked/forgotten because how exciting the making process is.

Anyway, this is top notch work, especially for being your first go at it!


Yes, Blender can easily make maps of the surfaces like that as that is a very common need for a whole range of stuff normally done on Blender. It would be amazing to do it as a lamp with light transmitting and fluorescent colors though a special binding might be needed for the corners.

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@dklgood Thx :slight_smile: was a really fun project and learned a lot of new skills

@robermar36 Thx it is a bit hard on the eyes in real life when it is spinning

@shogun Thx I will be sure to tell my brother

@raymondking32 Thx, I find that I need to that from time to time. I build so many little things it can be hard to keep track and with the constant distraction of awesome idea that are on this forum and the internet in general i am constantly being sidetracked down various rabbit holes.

@rbtdanforth Slowly discovering how powerful a tool blender is, its a whole new world of confusing terms and acronyms but not for long. The direction i was going to try goiung down for the lamp verson would be same size and shape but have the triangles be a decrotave frame in the shape of tree branches and cover that with a thin wood veneer that is engraves with some sorts of insects or animals in the panels if that makes sense.

something kinda like this but when the light is off it would appear as just a blank d20 maybe have the branch frame part on the outside so it wont look so bland when the light is off.


That piece is really awesome! Blender is so much better for “squishy” stuff I wonder if you could reduce a group of tree branches to triangles and cut those out with their textures intact and with a flexible enough attachment use the same one for all corners or edges like this…

cross section


will have to do a bunch of tests but i really like that idea. it will all depend on the materials i use in the end i think. currently all i have is tenderized veneer so i would need a pretty redid frame to put it on to prevent warping but having connectors like that ruining down the edges could possibly get rid of that problem.

I really enjoyed your write-up. Big projects are always full of twists and turns … so nice when it all comes together. It looks really great!


Thank you :smiley:

Wow - another impressive project! That wrapped pattern is mesmerizing! I wouldn’t have any idea where to start to create that (note to self - google “Blender”)

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Best thing about blender is that it is free. I’m going through some tutorials on it atm.