My First Image on Wood


Hello! I have never used a laser before, so I was very excited to find Glowforge during my search for ways to take my art to a new medium. I have been doing fine art mostly, drawing with pen and pencil and such, but only as casual hobby, not my day job. I received my new Glowforge last week and I was so excited to try my own personal design to see how it would work. I have been reading the posts from the community for months now, and am so grateful to everyone here as it helped me to get started really fast!

I have never used Vector software before, and I was curious to try it out and see what I could do with my own art. I scanned a flat black pen and ink image into the software. I randomly added some black lines with the paintbrush tool to see if scoring would get deeper darks to give the image depth. I don’t know how to create using the software pen yet, which is why I used the paintbrush. It is a very simple project to what you’all do here, but it was so exciting to see my art move from paper to wood and wanted to share my joy at seeing my image on wood. I can’t wait to do more and hopefully can give back to the community someday.


That came out really nice! And you get bonus points for creating your own artwork. :slight_smile:


Beautiful artwork! ( I can see you doing great things with your Glowforge!) :grinning:


Wow! That is a lovely engraving. I can’t wait to see what you can do when you’re more familiar with the software.


Yeah, I like the strong stippling pattern. Is that part of the artwork, or just the convert to dots algorithm?


I agree, there’s nothing to compare to seeing your own creations transformed with the Glowforge. Very nice work! Welcome to the forum (officially, even though you’ve been 'lurking). We all look forward to seeing more of your artistic transformations.


I played with some of the image effects in the software. I’m not sure which one made it stippled, but I know that it didn’t look like that on my computer! I did like the effect however. If I can duplicate it purposely and figure it out, I’ll post the effect I used.


It’s a lovely piece. And you get high marks for making the effort to learn—it shows in your result!



So you know there are multiple options within the engrave menu, but it’s the 3D engrave, or “vary power” (in the manual menu) that’ll make the thick black line a deeper engrave - the darker the deeper

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


Thank you! I am a bit overwhelmed as I feel like my creative mind moving so fast and I don’t know what I’m doing yet. I need to slow down and do more studying. Looking at this piece, I am starting to pick at it critically and I am seeing things I don’t like about it. I think i will try it again from scratch with some of my new found knowledge and see what I get.


How wonderful to have the ability to draw … And then bring your to life in new ways! You will enjoy experimenting with the different settings.